House Of Kolor Intercoat (1 GAL)


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House of Kolor’s Intercoat is a specialized product used in custom paint jobs and graphics applications. It is designed to be applied over basecoats and under clearcoats to achieve unique effects and enhance the appearance of the finished paint job. Intercoat can be used to create various artistic effects such as flake patterns, graphics, fades, and other custom designs.

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House Of Kolor Intercoat (1 GAL)

The House of Kolor Intercoat is used in automotive painting between layers of custom paint or effects to create a smooth and even surface. Allowing for better adhesion of subsequent layers and helping prevent “color bleed” or “color lifting” when applying different paint effects. It can also enhance the depth and brilliance of the final paint job

The Intercoat is typically transparent or lightly tinted, allowing the base color to show through while providing a layer for additional paint effects. It acts as a binder for other paint materials, ensuring adhesion and compatibility between different layers of the paint system.


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