House Of Kolor Intercoat (1 GAL)


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House of Kolor’s Intercoat is a specialized product used in custom paint jobs and graphics applications. It is designed to be applied over basecoats and under clearcoats to achieve unique effects and enhance the appearance of the finished paint job. Intercoat can be used to create various artistic effects such as flake patterns, graphics, fades, and other custom designs.

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House Of Kolor Intercoat (1 GAL)

House of Kolor Intercoat is a premium clear coating designed to protect and enhance your custom paint job. It acts as a barrier between layers, preventing tape marks and contamination during the painting process. This versatile product can be tinted with House of Kolor dyes and pearls, allowing creative customization. Ideal for use in complex graphic and multi-color paint schemes, the Intercoat ensures smooth transitions and a flawless finish. Achieve professional, long-lasting results with House of Kolor Intercoat, the choice of top automotive painters.


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