GT1 Cromix Clear Coat, Hardener and Reducer


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GT1: Clear Coat, Hardener and Reducer

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GT1 Cromix Clear Coat

GT1 HIgh Solids CROMIX Clear Coat – 4:1 (1 GAL) Clear Coat: This is a clear coat product with a high solids content, meaning it has a high concentration of solid components compared to solvents. The “4:1” ratio indicates the mixing ratio with the activator. In this case, you would mix four parts of clear coat with one part activator. High-solid clear coats are known for providing a thicker film build and better durability compared to conventional clear coats.

GT1: High Solids Hardener (Medium): This product is formulated to initiate the curing process of the clear coat when mixed in the specified ratio. It plays a critical role in ensuring proper curing and achieving the desired hardness and chemical resistance of the clear coat.

GT1: Standard Reducer (1 Liter): This product will help optimize flow and leveling properties during the application, ensuring a smooth and even finish.


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GT1: High Solids CROMIX Clear Coat – 4:1 (1 GAL), GT1: High Solids Activator (Medium) (1 Liter) – For High Solids CROMIX Clear Coat, GT1: Standard Reducer (1 Liter)


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