DeBeer: Primers And High Solid Surfacers


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When using DeBeer primers and high-solid surfacers, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, mixing ratios, and drying times to achieve the best results. Proper surface preparation, including cleaning, sanding, and degreasing, is crucial to ensure proper adhesion and long-lasting paint performance.

As with any refinishing products, it’s essential to handle them in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer to protect against exposure to harmful chemicals.


  1. Primers: Primers are the foundation of the paint system and are applied to bare metal or properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion and corrosion resistance. DeBeer offers different types of primers, including:
    • Epoxy Primers: Epoxy primers are known for their excellent adhesion to metal substrates and corrosion resistance. They provide a solid base for subsequent paint layers.
    • 2K Urethane Primers: These primers are easy to apply, have good filling properties, and offer excellent adhesion and durability.
    • Etch Primers: Etch primers are used on bare metal surfaces to enhance adhesion by chemically bonding with the metal.
  2. High-Solid Surfacers: High-solid surfacers, also known as high-build primers, are applied over existing primer layers to fill minor imperfections, sanding marks, and other surface irregularities. They provide a smooth surface for the final paint application. High-solid surfacers are typically used before the base coat and clear coat.


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