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  • Automatically adapts to surface profiles
  • Recreates the shapes and edges of various applied materials
  • Turns the sander into a profit making tool with improved work output
  • Promotes greater abrasive abrasion while delivering a better polished surface. Tool proof
  • Reduces manual work by more than 50%
  • Wraps and recreates the shape of curved surfaces and eliminates surface waviness on primer/paint or similar surfaces
  • Corners and edges are perfectly recreated
  • Spreading more contact surface (backing/abrasive/surface), it enhances the performance of all abrasives.
  • Varnish defects and orange peel are perfectly eliminated in all surface shapes, as well as eliminating edge carryover without peeling, and facilitates polishing due to the improved surface level it releases

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Interchangeable support interface for the abrasive mainly designed for surface grinding and designed for the Bodywork or similar sector, for the solution of all sanding problems.

To be used in combination with its dedicated Pad Totem backing pad.

Self-adapting to curved profiles, it provides a hard but flexible support for the abrasive with even, constant and cushioned pressure.

It eliminates unwanted waviness and greatly reduces manual work.

It has a special patented abrasive backing system, with an independent steel plate with cushioning function.

Suitable for the entire Sistema Interface 45


  • Suitable for pneumatic sanders only.
  • Thanks to its 12 mm sponge height it adapts perfectly to all the radii of curvature present on surfaces, even the extreme ones.
  • It is equipped with a hypersensitive sponge to self-adapt the steel foil and abrasive applied to the surfaces with maximum precision, with results of high working performance and qualitative perfection on the new skeletime sanding standard.


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