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Genesi Carbonio 360 light is a highly engineered, Italian-made HTE BASE with HA-High Paint layout air cap. It provides precise atomisation, distribution, orientation and flow of pigments, dyes, metals and pearls. It features a 12 hole atomising nozzle and cap combination that provides precise and wide range of adjustments.

With a full line of high-efficiency paint sprayers, Genesi has been the leader in professional grade refinish and custom painting tools for years. Now they’ve introduced their latest technology, the Carbonio 360 light, which is perfect for any surface. The Carbonio uses a wide range of adjustments to meet your needs – fan and air flow for quick dry times, or paint flow for ultimate durability. You can’t go wrong with.

Made in Italy, the Genesi Carbonio 360 light is the most advanced paint booth technology on the market, designed to produce flawless automotive paint finishes

You don’t have time to mess around with anything less than the best. Genesi’s Carbonio 360 light is your choice for a perfect, even and beautiful finish.


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