Liquid Alkaline Presoak
Simoniz Prep is capable of breaking down road film. This presoak produces a medium level of foam and is free-rinsing. Prep can be used as a presoak in a friction conveyor wash or as a one-step presoak in a touch-free conveyor or high-pressure in-bay automatic wash.


  • Size: 55 Gallon drum
  • Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Color: Yellow-green transparent liquid
  • Form: Liquid
  • Scent: No odor
  • pH: 14.0
  • Dilution: 4:1
  • Viscosity: Water thin
  • Type: Alkaline liquid cleaning compound

Applications and Dilutions: 

  • Friction Conveyer: Apply with presoak arch or prep guns
    •  Prep Gun Dilution: 125-200:1
    •  Presoak Arch Dilution: 80-150:1
  • Touchless Conveyer: Apply using a second step presoak arch
    •  Second Presoak Arch Dilution: 60-100:1
  • High-Pressure In-Bay Automatic – Apply during presoak cycle
    • Single Step Cycle Or Second Step Cycle Dilution: 60-100:1

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs


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