Simoniz: Double Bond (5 Gal)


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This Simoniz product is the five-gallon size of their Double Bond Sealant. This vehicle sealant is a polymer-fortified protective coating that is applied in commercial automatic car washes. Simoniz Double Bond contains a unique combination of polymer-fortified and reactive silicones. This product offers approximately 30 days of reliable sealing ability.

  • 5 gallon
  • Polymer fortified
  • Up to 30 days of protection

Where To Use:

  • Automatic Conveyor (apply through Simoniz Double Bond™ rain arch)
  • High-Pressure In-Bay Automatic

Dilution Rate:

  • Automatic Conveyor – Apply to vehicle at a final dilution rate of 75:1 (water:product)
  • High-Pressure In-Bay Automatic – Apply through low pressure spray sealant cycle


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