Presta: Ultra Cutting Creme (6.6 LB Tub)


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Ultra Cutting Crème™ is an aggressive compound. Furthermore developed to remove P1500 grit and finer sand scratches from soft and aged paint. This advanced formula makes compounding ultra-high solids clears fast and easy. It is also the ideal choice for detailing / valeting severely weathered and oxidized finishes. Ultra Cutting Crème will also be effective on gel-coated surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for all automotive, marine and gel coats

Contains NO fillers, waxes or silicones

Designed for use with a high-speed, rotary buffer.

  • For best results use with Presta Black Wool Cutting Pad.
  • Follow with Presta Ultra Polish to maximize gloss and shine.
  • Cleans up easily – water-based formula.


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