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Product Features and Benefits:

  • Protect and Rejuvenate: Nanoskin Leather Creme proprietary blend of moisturizing oils penetrates deep leaving your new and old leather looking rich and natural. Use Leather Creme consistently with the assurance of no buildup, white residue or artificial gloss.
  •  Restoration: Bring back natural color and pliability to leather furniture, leather car interiors & regain flexibility in your favorite leather belt or leather shoes. Great for motorcycle leather, jackets, upholstery, truck seats, boots, gloves, purses, and saddles.
  • UV Protection: Moisturize and take proper care of your leather similarly to how you care for your skin. This product uses only the finest natural oils shielding against premature cracking and fading. In addition, to this the special formulation protects against damage caused by abrasion. Leather Creme does not contain inexpensive petroleum and contains only high-quality ingredients.
  • Low amount will provide excellent results:  When applying use a quarter-size drop on a lint-free cloth or applicator pad. This should cover a large area in thin layer of conditioner. Repeat as necessary for full coverage of larger areas. Use at room temperature or warm slightly before use. *Spot test in an inconspicuous area first and allow test area to dry for results.
  •  pH Balanced and Anti-static: Leather Creme is  balanced for the safe cleaning and preservation of the leather’s strength, durability and appearance. Once treated with Leather Creme, leather surfaces will not attract dust; a problem commonly found with other leather treatments. Leather Creme leaves behind a natural leather scent, and new leather smell.

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