Maxshine: 3″ Rotary Polisher


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  • Maxshine: 3″ Rotary Polisher has a powerful M550 rotary with a highly-efficient, 550-watt motor. In order to guarantee more power and torque on any surface. As a result making your detailing experience easier, more efficient and faster.
  • ADVANCED: In the event of overheating. The M550 features bespoke auto shut-off carbon brushes to prevent motor damage. All ball bearings are sealed as well for a longer working life.
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED:  Provides perfect weight distribution for polishing, taking stress off of the user.
  • POWER CORD: A 4-meter (13′) extension cord ensures free range of motion, while reinforcements around the base of the cord guarantee a long service life.
  • USER DEFINABLE SPEED CONTROL: Adjustable speed from 1,000 to 3,500 rpm. provides the user the ability to cut quickly and finish delicately.


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