Autofiber: Smooth Suede Microfiber Ceramic Coating Applicator With Plastic Barrier – 3″X 1.5″X1.5 (1) BLUE AND GRAY


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The [Appli-Coat] suede microfiber ceramic coating applicators were designed by professional detailers, for ease of use and application. Made from premium 80/20, lightweight (200gsm), suede microfiber, they absorb the minimal product and allow for even application on paint, plastic and rubber trim.

The edges of the sealer applicator pad are sewn inside of the sponge allowing for safe application on three smooth and soft sides. Just sprinkle a few drops of your preferred coating on one of the three flat surfaces of the suede applicator cloth and apply as directed the manufacturer.

The microfiber ceramic coating applicator pads are good for one use, and should be discarded once all three sides have been used. Once the coating cures and hardens in the material, it can harden the fibers making them rough leading to potential scratching. We do not recommend laundering or cleaning the pads, because ceramic coatings are just too tough.


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