American Line: Steel Razor Blades (100 Count)


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American Line produces a variety of cutting and scraping tools, including steel razor blades. These razor blades are typically used for tasks that require precision cutting, scraping, or cleaning. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, automotive, and crafts.

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Here are some common uses for American Line steel razor blades:

  1. Window Cleaning: Razor blades are often used by professionals for removing stickers, paint overspray, and other stubborn residues from glass surfaces. They can help achieve a clean, clear window without damaging the glass.
  2. Paint Preparation: Steel razor blades can be used to carefully scrape off old paint, putty, or caulk from surfaces before repainting.
  3. Crafts and Hobbies: In various crafts and hobbies, razor blades can be used for precision cutting of materials like paper, cardboard, and thin plastics.
  4. Removing Stickers and Decals: Razor blades can effectively remove stickers, decals, and adhesive residues from surfaces without leaving behind a sticky residue.
  5. Automotive Detailing: In automotive detailing, razor blades can be used to remove stickers, badges, and other residues from car surfaces.
  6. Removing Gaskets: In mechanical applications, razor blades can be used to carefully scrape off old gaskets and sealants from engine components.
  7. Scraping Surfaces: Razor blades can be used for controlled scraping of surfaces to remove rust, grime, or other contaminants.



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