Chicane Tape a New Way of Fitting Masking Tape

Chicane Masking Tape is a new way of pre-cut tape.  MIARCO’s revolutionary tape has a series of characteristics that separates the product from other masking tapes currently available on the market. Chicane adhesive masking tape has adhesive on both sides of the tape. As a result, rubbers can be separated and joints are sealed at the same time. In addition, the tape is pre-cut so it is easier to tailor the tape measurements to the area that needs to be masked. It also has a reinforced PVC strip running through the center of the tape. To allow for more pressure to be applied to the rubbers without losing flexibility. Chicane adhesive masking tape is easy to fit and to remove. It can also withstand temperatures up to 80ºC. Therefore it is perfect for booth spraying, without leaving excess waste.

All these characteristics bring a series of advantages, including reducing masking times by up to half, and removing the need for foam tape and standard masking tape, given that the rubbers are separated and the joints are sealed at the same time. Finally, with Chicane masking tape, the paint does not get inside the vehicle and paint cut-off lines blend.

The Chicane Tape is quicker, saves material and provides an excellent finish for your automotive vehicle. This product saves you time by reducing masking times by up to half in comparison to other masking tapes. This product also saves the consumer material by separating the rubbers and seal joints with just one single product. As a result, this saves the customer valuable time and money when they purchase this product. Lastly, this masking tape provides you an excellent finish by preventing paint from getting inside the vehicle. As a result, it will blend cut off lines in order to make them invisible. 

How to Fit Chicane Masking Tape:


Step 1: Stick the narrow part of the tape to the inside of the door frame 

Step 2: Close the door 

Step 3: Pull the wide part of the tape out and stick it down to the outside