Benefits of Walcom Thermodry Technology

The Walcom Thermodry technology is available to purchase at Benami Autocare today. Some of products features with the TD1 Pro and TD 3 Pro include a multifunctional heat conditioner range. This is a unique and ground-breaking compressed air conditioning system which lets you work in heat regulated air without any solid and gaseous impurities. The TD1 and TD3 pro possess a integrated heating features that have the ability to heat the air up to 70 degrees Celsius. The Thermotechnology Technology line is has been recently stored with the advanced state of the art THT hose. Which provides the customer with a more effective and powerful tool for their automotive vehicles. The THT hose is a specifically designed to be heated right from the unit to the spray gun.

These features and advantages of this product provide the customer with a range of benefits. The product will allow up to 40% drying time savings over traditional systems. It also provides the possibility of lowering paint booth temperature by at least 5 degrees Celsius over what is recommended by a paint manufacturer. The Walcom Thermodry Technology provides the customer with better paint layout, higher application speed and elimination of brilliancy loss. It also creates a reduction of wet spots, “orange peel” effect reduction and full elimination of solid and gaseous impurities. Furthermore, this product will produce breathable filtered air, lowering of the dew point, automatic and timed regeneration. Lastly, the constant compressed air and hose temperature will guarantee system efficiency.